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Is the Irish Wolfhound the Right Breed for You?

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Some additional thoughts on IW ownership:

  • The IW is gentle, but most people who have had IW’s have at least one time being yanked off balance by the leash, sometimes with a sprained hand or finger.
  • The IW is wonderful in the house, but nick-naks on a shelf have to be out of happy tail range.
  • The IW loves walks on leash, but many smaller dogs you meet on the walk are intimidated by the size and will act aggressively.
  • If you want a lap dog the IW will accommodate you.
  • The IW is well behaved and is easily trained, but the IW has the ability to get into big trouble; garbage can raiding, dinner table snacking, getting out of fenced area, and chasing the neighbors cat are just a few.
  • The IW is happy to stretch out most of the day and rest, until the IW gets board.
  • The IW is fairly healthy, but the vet bills can rival those of the human.
  • The IW loves to go, but you won’t be using your rear view mirror in the car.
  • This goes hand in hand for an IW. They are short lived. They steal your heart and leave much to early. Why do we have IW’s? Because they give so much of themselves to us, and Life is better with them. One must find the balance for themselves.
  • IW mothers are the best, but must be monitored at all times when puppies are with the mother.
  • Regular dogs dig holes, IW’s dig caves.


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